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Our world faces many challenges as we begin this new year: added to humanity’s fight against poverty and climate change is an unprecedented global pandemic. Rather than being paralysed by the enormity of these problems, startups are rolling up their sleeves.

Ambitious entrepreneurs are at the forefront of a wave of ground-breaking innovation to address the world’s problems through sustainable new solutions. By responding to the increasing demand for circular products and services, they create added value for their companies and society. Partnering up with corporates helps startups realise their vision faster while giving bigger companies an edge in innovation and speed. Together they help us move more quickly towards a sustainable world.

In this whitepaper by Start it @KBC in collaboration with our partners VITO, Edmire and Accenture, we name some of the main ways startups and corporates are paving the way forward together. We are making this information available for everybody, because sustainability is something that concerns us all.

Why act now?

We have only a decade left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, an urgent call to action by all countries to address humanity’s most pressing problems. The role of business is essential, and companies have made huge strides in taking on their responsibility to protect the planet. Commitments to net zero carbon emissions have gained momentum as the COVID-19 crisis has brought home the broad impact of global crises on our society and economy.

The scale of these challenges require every company, big and small, to get on board and look for more innovative ways to move towards a more inclusive and sustainable society. Circularity is an essential pillar of sustainability, helping to preserve our environment by limiting the consumption and waste of resources. The main success factors of a circular economy also happen to be the success factors that make a company more resistant to shocks: local and connected business, creativity and collaboration.

What you’ll learn

We could write many books on this subject, but in this whitepaper we begin by explaining the main reasons why sustainable innovation is the way forward in addressing the world’s biggest challenges, and how companies are working together to make it happen.

What we cover:

  • 7 concrete reasons for companies to work together now towards a sustainable future
  • How circularity and resilience go hand in hand
  • Why circular business models pay off
  • Five paths companies can take towards more circularity
  • Why circularity and sustainability are not interchangeable
  • How to measure the impact of your circular strategies
  • How open innovation and co-creation between corporates and startups are changing the game

Download the whitepaper today and join the fight for our future! 

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