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New contacts. Useful insights. Fresh inspiration.

We won’t let social distancing get in the way of some good networking. Connecting people is our thing. So we’re going digital.

This summer we’re bringing you five scintillating online networking nights. Each one features a different hot topic, and makes it easy to create a profile and e-mingle with interesting people. What are you waiting for? Sign up here today. And bring your own beer (or another drink, we're flexible).


How does it work?

  • Book your free ticket and share your offers and your requests 
  • Create your profile on the Conversation Starter Platform
  • Browse through the profiles and send out invitations for one-on-one video calls
  • During the event you'll meet up to 10 people during 10 minute video calls
  • We're using the Conversation Starter app, so you don't need to install or download anything


What's in it for you?

  • Get in touch with an ecosystem
  • Meet new people that can help you
  • Broaden your network
  • Get answers to specific questions
  • Share your expertise and get good karma


Sounds interesting! What, who, when??

Start it @KBC online networking nights 2020 (7-9 pm):



Food Fiesta: July 2

Food, sustainable agriculture, forestry and water research


We’re kicking off with some festive food for thought. Are you connected to the food industry? This is the networking event you’ve GOT TO attend. 

It's not all about food either: we're also covering sustainable agriculture, forestry and water research, since they’re all linked together. Sustainable agriculture leads to sustainable food. Forestry and water research lead to sustainable agriculture. Does this ring a bell? Or are you interested in networking with people who know their way around these topics? Join us!


Participating partners: TBA
Top profiles joining: TBA

Mobility Madness: July 16

Smart, green and integrated transport and mobility


If there’s one thing we’ve enjoyed recently, it’s less traffic. Find out more about what to expect from the mobility of the future. Chat to people who are involved in improving transport and mobility. Learn how they feel about the challenges we’re facing and how they want to solve them. Get your ticket and hop aboard the mobility train for useful insights and ideas!


Participating partners: VIL

Top profiles joining: to be announced

Designing Diversity: July 30

A changing world - inclusive, innovative diverse and reflective societies


Diversity seems to be a buzzword lately, but at Start it @KBC we know that it's also one of the most important pillars of every company, community and network. Diversity leads to change, to new ways of thinking and reflecting, to alternative and innovative methods, to stronger companies. Relate to people who are actively rooting for diversity or talk to people facing challenges in this department and looking for ideas for change. Or just share your story and listen to other stories. This is a networking event for EVERYONE, as this is a topic for every society and community.


Participating partners: NextGenIty, Oracle

Top profiles joining: Hassan Al Hilou (Strategic advisor on customer/employee experiences (inclusion) & Keynote speaker), Dewi Van De Vyver (ICT Woman of the year 2019 & founder of Flowpilots), Sana Sellami (Head of Inclusive research & consultancy at NextGenIty)

Going Green: August 13

Secure, clean, sustainable and efficient energy and resources


Sustainability is about way more than recycling: it has to be part of everything we do. Get some green inspiration here. As resources are getting scarce and we've come to realise there's only one Earth, thinking about alternative, green and sustainable resources and energy has become our second nature. Evolving towards a circular business model is one of the ways to do this. Get in touch with people in the field: experts, startups and more. There's a whole new green and clean world out there.


Participating partners: Accenture, Flux50

Top profiles joining: Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal (Futech, Ilumen), Frederik Simoen (Innovation Program Manager Luminus), Freddy Van Bogget (Energy Innovation Lab KBC), Pieterjan Verhaegen (CEO Bolt), Frederik Loeckx (MD Flux50).

Welcome to a new Wellbeing: August 27

Health, aging and wellbeing


Health and wellbeing have never been more relevant than now. From finding cures for COVID-19 to making sure everyone knows how to relax, this last session is all about mental and physical health. Talk with other entrepreneurs about how to build a truly people-centred work environment. Or get some ideas about how to overcome challenges in health tech and learn about what's happening in that field.


Participating partners: to be announced

Top profiles joining: to be announced



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