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Corona Covid-19

Your Viral Highness


Welcome on our page on Corona Covid-19. On this page, scroll down to find our information on:




After launching a poll in our community, we have learned what help our startups need the most. This is why we hosted webinars on specific topic like sales & finance. Stay tuned, as we will communicate about new webinars on an almost daily basis. These are our recorded webinars:

    • On Monday March 23rd we hosted a "Wake up call". Founder of Start it @KBC gave his view on what's happening today and offered some advice and inspiration. Listen to or watch the recording here.


    • Our partners KBC, PKF-VMB and Monard Law united to host a webinar on finance tips on Wednesday March 25th at 10h. They covered runway, banking, VC landscape and general funding in times of corona. Missed it? No worries, with this link you can listen to it.



Once a week (on Wednesday), we publish a new blog post with practical tips, advice and nice-to-knows on how to get through these extraordinary times. So keep an eye on our blog page and social media channels for this.



  • Hospitality is suffering. That's why Growforce, DinnerGift, and Parlangi are teaming up and opening up the DinnerGift platform for all businesses who want to start selling gift vouchers. That way, they can get cashflow in right now, and hopefully survive the lockdown. Are you in hospitality, or do you want your favorite spot to make it through financially? Check out the platform.


  • Play the corona prevention game with Play it Safe! Game-based learning platform Play it Safe makes safety training fun and easy. Employees can learn fire prevention, first aid, accident prevention and more. Businesses see real results with lowered accidents and absences. And in the time of corona? We can all play the free corona prevention game to keep ourselves safe and help contain the virus. Tons of fun and a lot more useful than all those hours on Xbox! Play to keep safe! Recently they also launched a game specifically for caretakers in care centers, together with Liantis. It is a game designed to help the care takers in understanding how to keep them and the occupants of the care centers safe. 


  • Startup Give a Day offers its corona help platform for FREE to all counties, cities, non-profits, ... that are organizing local help.  The platform helps them organize the demands and offers for help and match them discretely, thus making sure that no one is left behind. #OurCityHelps #OnzeGemeenteHelpt #NotreCommuneSolidaire. More info.  


  • WeTasker makes sure that you can get your groceries in a safe way delivered at home. Their "Taskers" will go and do grocery shopping for you (while wearing gloves) and put them at your doorstep. You can book a "Tasker" on their platform.


  • Due to the ongoing pandemic startup Eventication is offering its platform FREE of charge to cities and municipalities. They want to help cities find volunteers to help the elderly and the vulnerable during these difficult times. Automated volunteer registration, collecting all necessary information and sending emails through the platform. Contact them at if you’re interested! Together we can do more!  


  • Helpper is offering its platform for FREE for all volunteers and people needing help. Their way of supporting solidarity is making sure that neighbours can connect in a safe way and are there to help each other.


  • Beego , a startup offering help at home for all IT related problems and questions, switched to remote support, completely for FREE. Their students are supporting from home by telephone, to avoid people in quarantaine to get isolated.


  • COSH! makes Conscious Shopping easy at physical retail outlets and is now supporting its customers and prospects free of charge during Corona. Since March 12th COSH! is advocating and campaigning to protect and leverage retail and their sustainable and fair fashion supply chain. Meanwhile the IT team is working on pivoting to online shopping at Physical Retail.  As charity throughout Corona, COSH! will open up all gathered data to support sustainable fashion retail in Western Europe. Meanwhile they are asking from everyone not only to be careful from whom they purchase, but also what they buy. On COSH! you can filter based on eco-friendly traits of clothing; but also on whether the brand produces in Belgium or not. So please start your local virtual shopping trip here or here.


  • Startup is offering their solution (creating online manuals) FREE of charge to corona battling initiatives such as – happy to help!


  • Buffl, a validating panalytic app, has created the possibility for users to give their tokens to the covid community response fund! Their app users already donated €110 in 2 days... Their solutions for innovation and validation are all digital so they can easily help companies to do a quick survey around corona perception or other things. 


  • Because general practitioners and E.R.'s can't keep up with answering questions right now, startup Bingli launched a module for pre-triage for Covid-19. By answering a couple of questions at home, people will know whether they have to contact a doctor or not. Try it!


  • 6Wolves, a Belgian health & sports tech start-up pushed their boundaries a couple of days ago by focusing on a "pro bono" project to keep people exercising sports during the corona crisis. They developed an easy-to-use platform that offers live workouts through the livestream of coaches. Excercise is important, so don't hesitate to use the platform!


  • It's a strange time for all of us. The prospect that this will continue for a while will add to stress. From Monday 23/03 moonbird organizes a free livestream on mental well-being. Every day at 6 pm one of Flanders's top experts shares 15 minutes of his/her insights and methods that can really make a difference for you now. Thursday 26/03 goes for example. The well-known neurologist Prof. Steven Laureys (also known for brain man on Canvas) will give a live meditation session. Sign up via this link. 


  • Startup Bothive created a chatbot to help companies get answers on corona related issues. The bot's in Dutch, but we urge you to use it as much as possible. Like any other chatbot, it only get's better the more it is used. Have some questions? Ask the coronabot.


  • Get easy delicious meals with mealhero: one thing you’ll surely be doing a lot of these corona days is eating at home. Are you seeing A LOT of spaghetti in your future? Have no fear, mealhero is here to save the day! Mealhero delivers frozen fresh meal kits with a twist: a smart steamer that recognises the meal and heats up perfectly for you. This brainy device also keeps track of your meal stock and relays it directly to the app. You choose your food boxes, separate meals or even just the ingredients. Each week mealhero offers 30 different healthy recipes that are ready in no time, so you can get back to playing Twister with the kids (or your roommate). Mealhero delivers all over Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands for free, so you don't have to brave that supermarket line. Get started here.


  • Get cyber attack savvy with Phished: don’t know what to do with your extra free time at home? Make the best of social distancing by honing your phishing skills! No, we’re not talking about trying to net your goldfish. We mean recognizing phishing attacks trying to scam you out of money or hack your computer. These are getting more and more sophisticated. Scammers are now playing on corona fears by parading as banks, the government, even the WHO to get people’s private data. But you won’t be fooled for a second once you train with Phished, who offer automated phishing simulations based on your knowledge level. The training gets more challenging as you get more savvy at recognizing attacks. By the time you get back to the office, you’ll be a pro! Try Phished for free with 25 of your colleagues for 14 days here.


  • Find a new gig via JuuNoo: founder Chris van de Voorde built on his expertise developing expo stands to create attractive interior walls that are reversible and eco-friendly. When corona shut down offices and events across Belgium, he saw his sector screech to a standstill. A lot of people suddenly found themselves technically unemployed. So together with Sofie Vandenbriele of Bulik Standbouw Chris got busy: they launched the platform where all kinds of companies and underemployed workers and freelancers can connect and join forces in this tricky period. Looking for a gig or need an extra pair of hands? Check it out!


  • Be a good neighbour with Hoplr: feeling isolated in quarantine? Or want to know what you can do to help out in your community? Hoplr can help! Get in touch with your neighbors, discuss local issues or find out who needs help getting groceries with the social network for your neighbourhood. Each member of your local group is address verified and there’s no advertising. Hoplr has already seen an outpouring of heart warming initiatives on the platform in the wake of corona. There are endless ways to contribute! We need to be there for each other more than ever? Hook up with Hoplr here.


  • Times are especially difficult for people living in a residential care center. They are in complete lockdown: no visitors or visits to the outside world allowed. That's why startup Soulcenter launched a website that collects all the initiatives for residential care center to make life easier and more interesting in this time of lockdown. There are a lot of tips and activities you can do to help the people in the centers, but there are also some tips for the residents themselves. It's truly worth checking it out!


  • This is the time for online shopping, as physical stores are closed and we try to stay at home as often as we can. But while you're doing your online shopping, why not think of a local club or youth association? Trooper enables you to donate some money to your local clubs while shopping online, and it won't cost you a penny more. You can choose which club you want to donate to and help them out. They need your help more than ever, since they can't organize the usual events to raise some money. Start trooping right now!


  • Startup DD Soft is enabling communication between (care) organizations and companies & their personnel / client. They are assisting them to make sure that they digitally can communicate with each other. #samenvirtueelsterk 


  • Gaming against corona: Because of the corona crisis schools have been closed for some time now. Parents are facing a double challenge: making sure their children have useful and fun things to day during the lockdown, but also making sure that they don't forget their school knowledge. Startup Karaton can help with keeping up with your children's language skills. Karaton is an educative adventurous game with fun reading and writing exercises for children between the ages of 6 and 12. By completing amusing tasks, the children collect materials to build their own paradise. Parents can monitor their children's advancement through a webplatform, the Karaton Academy. Professionals, speech therapists and teachers can personalize the exercises for each child. The first two weeks are completely free. But because Karaton wants to contribute during this corona crisis, they are offering a discount of 35% on a yearly license. Use the promotional code "KARATON2020" and your child will get a year of playing and learning fun for only 35€. Use this link to start the fun.

  • Umital continues to support employees to purposely contribute in these uncertain times by focusing on their behaviour and habits. As behavioral designers they support employees and leaders to effortlessly create sustainable impact. The crisis stimulated them to expand their online en remote offer with interactive webinars, online assessments for growth and virtual learning journeys. Topics include remote collaboration and leadership as well as innovation and digital fitness. Available in Dutch and English.


  • Umbi, the platform that digitally connects patients-doctors-hospitals, has added COVID-19 proof features including NO-touch PatientFlow, VideoConsultations, full-automatic cancellation and rebooking of large numbers of patients and multichannel communication (SMS, push notification in our mobile app, email, phone).


  • Ray & Jules is the most sustainable coffee-roasting factory in the world. They roast the coffee beans slowly and at a low temperature, 100% solar energy based!  During this corona hardship, they've created a special offer so you can enjoy a nice cup of comforting coffee at home. Check out their offer!


  • Byteflies is developing a patch that can monitor the breathing, heart rate and temperature of coronavirus patients. They joined a group Flemish companies, East Limburg Hospital and Hasselt University. The aim is to allow patients to be monitored remotely, reducing the risk to health-care workers and reducing hospitalizations. Read all about it here.


  • Xpand built a platform for the Northern Irish Government to help them connect problems with solutions. The Belfast City Council is working with government, universities, and the third sector to support a coordinated contribution by the innovator community to solving local Covid-19 challenges.
    They want to match the digital expertise, capacity and resources of innovators with emerging issues. And, where possible, we hope that this can be done on a pro bono basis.


  • Alumnus CityCubes co-created a website to make sure that there is no need for bulk buying toilet paper anymore. They offer a delivery service of this new white gold at (never without).


  • But that's not the only initiative of CityCubes. They also developed disinfection containers and mobile disinfection units that are currently placed at entrances of supermarkets, but could be used anywhere. In their words: "By using a disinfection container or a mobile disinfection unit, you ensure that life can go back to normal. So that we can work, live and enjoy together again."

  • AddHome is making sure you get that extra space at home you so desperately need. By ordering one of their modern container units, you're adding a new room to your home: an office, a music room or a meditation room ... It can be whatever you want.


  • Because buying locally is at this time more important than ever, askOLI makes it very easy to see whether a webshop is Belgian or not through the use of an app. It will show a Belgian flag next to the search results. To add the information of askOLI to these results, you only need to install a browserplug-in once. 



⚠️ START IT @CSOB startups.

  • Many employees are forced to stay at home because of the quarantine. DaySwaps developed a tool that plans working shifts for businesses and also solves any sudden fallouts and changes by offering free shifts to available employees. This way DaySwaps helps businesses safeguard their operations even in these turbulent times. They are now providing the tool for free and offer support with setting it up and first shift planning. This is especially welcome by companies that are now overloaded.


  • KvaseCzech is a startup that discovered a way to make dry sourdough that can be easily reactivated for natural fermentation. In the current times people prefer to bake their own bread and with bread mixtures from KvaseCzech they can do so without risking any infection and at the same time having the most tasty and healthy version of bread.


  • First aid experiential training company PRPOM from the previous Start it @ČSOB waves offered training of first response workers (police, firefighters, etc.) on proper usage of protection equipment (respirators, gloves, etc.) to reduce the risk of getting infected.


  • is developing a solution for SMEs to work from home and effectively share information that is crucial for business in a structured way. has been addressed by one of the major Czech hospitals and developed a new module into their system which monitors 50k worldwide on-line media to find medical treatments, experimental approaches, prevention to COVID-19 and their outcomes to give Czech doctors good overview of what is working and what not.


  • Mebster has developed an exoskeleton for paraplegics. In these times when all physiotherapy has been cancelled, they are sending a physiotherapist equipped with all protection against COVID-19 who will exercise with the exoskeleton in peoples’ homes.


  • Vímovšem is a startup focusing on the digitalization of the construction business. They enable on-site checks remotely, store pictures taken on the construction sites for both managers and investors, follow attendance of workers online, log weather reports into the construction diary etc. This way they decrease the need for physical meetings and move many things online.



  • Our partner Hubspot created this great toolkit for remote work & resources. The kit contains The Ultimate Guide to Telecommuting, 26 Tools for Better Virtual Communication, Collaboration & Organization, 12 Handy Tips for Running Better Remote Meetings, How to Work From Home: 20 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully And 12 Little Things to Check Before Your Next Web Conference Call. Read it here


  • Also from our partner Hubspot: To help you build a marketing strategy for today’s unique situation and tomorrow’s new economy, they are launching a content series called Adapt 2020. In the coming months - through weekly installments - they'll be curating educational content and virtual events to help you adapt in the current global climate. You can subscribe to the series and view the weekly installments here.


  • Our partner Accenture published some pretty interesting articles and reports on Human Resilience (what employees from their leaders and how to keep them resilient) and on Supply Chain Resilience (what the impact is on the supply chains with different impacts on different supply chains. Recommendations for greater responsiveness and resilience against future disruptions are also made). An absolute must read for our startups! They also wrote a very interesting article on being super connected in self isolation. Read it here.


    -> Our partner Monard Law published a guide (In Dutch and French) on the legal aspects of the corona crisis - all you need to know. The corona virus is striking hard right now and has an effect on the conduct of your contracts, your working conditions and your business activities. What does this legally mean? Monard Law published a guide with guidelines for companies and FAQ's. There will be regular updates of this document, you can access these through their website.
    -> Monard law also recently launched an electronic signature service. After all, the legal validity of digital signatures is no longer being questioned by anyone today. Moreover, the time, cost and efficiency gains are enormous. They use the Connective tool for this. 
    -> More help from Monard Law: they gathered all support measures from NBB, Banks and the Federal Government here.


  • Our partner Netwerk Ondernemen created a corona update page to put a spotlight on the initiatives from their founders. More than ever startups need a support base and all the help they can get. The website also features interesting information on Covid-19 and the initiatives asking for help from entrepreneurs.


  • More interesting news from Accenture: they wrote a compelling article on how to run effective business services during Covid-19, filled with actionable tips & tricks. Read it here.


  • Our partner GAN - Global Accelerator Network - is organizing weekly calls on very interesting topics helping you to cope with the Covid-19 situation. Log in to their platform and check out the resources - there are member calls, reports and playbooks. But most important of all, there's also a hotline for founder wellbeing. Don't be afraid to use it if you need the help. You'll find this all under resources.



  • Getting back to the office

    • With the quarantine coming to an end we are facing a choice: going back to the office or continuing to work from home... The problem is: we all have crappy home offices (yes, dining tables & co), and our offices weren't designed to keep people safe during a pandemic. Panacea? Space Refinery.
      Going back to the office? Let them help you prepare your workplace and workforce (space planning, social distancing, increased cleaning, reduced touchpoints, access control, etc).
      Staying home for now? They'll happily guide your team to improve their home setups and share some strategies, structures, and tools (to stay efficient, maintain your culture remotely, organize remote brainstorms, etc).
    • RTLOC developed distance detection wearables to help maintain social distance on the work floor. As such, organizations can implement WHO prevention prescriptions. 

    • Looking for some smart ways to divide spaces into smaller spaces? JuuNoo has the answer for you. They offer movable and temporary partition walls. Perfect for a temporary solution ... Check it out here.
  • Working remote?


    • The team of Blue North, one of the accelerators in the GAN community, put together a list of 30+ tools and best practices for remote work and virtual events. They are sharing in case it’s helpful to folks in our community. 




    • Startup Salesflare wrote a guide on how to do sales remotely. It's packed with good tips and advice. A must read for all!


    • Sortlist is organizing a webinar on Covid-19 business & communication strategies: Adapt now while leveraging digital and prepare post-Covid-19 projects. Their speaker Gabriel Goldberg will share his personal vision on how you should adapt in the coming weeks/months taking into account the covid-19 realities, leveraging digital, focus on your business continuity, while preparing your post-covid-19 projects. Thursday April 9 at 17.00h. Register here.


  • Support for startups and SME's

    • Vlaio has gathered all the governmental and other support measures on one website. It also features some FAQ's that can be very useful.

    • SD Worx launched a website that collects everything you need to know as an entrepreneur /employer. What can you do for you employees? How about technical unemployment? This website is constantly updated, so don't worry about missing vital info. 

    • We always say that we care about founders. This is the time to show it more than ever. Many starting entrepreneurs will struggle hard(er) because of this crisis. That is why all our current paying co-working members of Start it @KBC will not be invoiced for the months April & May.

    • The government has announced financial support for companies with a physical location and for those who are self employed. Unizo is up to date with the rules and how to apply, and you can read more here.

    • TechStars hosted a webinar on Thursday at 19h CET for entrepreneurs to listen in for advice on how to deal with issues affecting your business due to affects of the coronavirus - listing to or watch it here. They also created a Google doc with all kinds of information on initiatives and interesting links that they keep updated.

    • As of today, you can apply for a "hinderpremie" from the government. This is specifically for businesses that have to close their physical location due to corona measurements. You can get more info and apply for it here.


  • Hackathons and calls for tech submission
    • HACK THE CRISIS took place from March 27-29 and it has been a true succes. No less than 36 teams and 614 people from 7 different timezones participated! Over 80 experienced mentors coached and guided the teams. The participants got started with finding solutions for the biggest challenges in health care, education, business continuity, logistics and wellbeing. There was some political support as well, more specifically from the European Commision, Hilde Crevits and the Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon, who ended the hackathon during a live webinar featuring the pitches of the 10 best solutions. Watch these pitches here
      Winner of the hackathon (and the price money of 25k €) was "corona home test kits", an online platform that offers testing kits that can be used at home. Through the platform you can share results and also consult anonymus results using parameters like symptoms, age, etc. ... Want to read more about the other projects? Click here.

    • Betech organised a hackathon in just 48 hrs to create a web page to connect elder in need of assistance with other members of the community. They might host another on additional needs that arise, so if you are interested in joining any future action then join their group on Facebook.


    • Vlaio news!!! The outbreak of Covid-19 has put an enormous amount of pressure on our society in Europe. Because of this crisis situation we are switching over to digital solutions to keep the world spinning. In that we, we want to offer the resilience that is necessary and creative solutions to support society and the economy as best as possible. That's why the Flemish Government is founding the taskforce "Vlaanderen Helemaal Digitaal" with the support of Imec en the Stuurorgaan Vlaams Informatie- en ICT-Beleid. This taskforce will collect, align and promote all digital initiatives that can realize better work environments and conditions for companies, the society and the governments. Is your company or startup able to help? Are you offering a digital service, expertise or product that can help? Sign up at "Vlaanderen Helemaal Digitaal" by filling in this form.


How about our hubs?

  • Can we still use the Start it @KBC hubs? 
    • As of May 4th 2020, the lockdown measures have been relaxed a bit. This does not have a lot of influence on the operation of Start it @KBC and our hubs: all of our hubs remained open until further notice and will remain so. Start it @KBC staff is not present in the offices on a daily basis but can be reached digitally and can also come to the hubs if necessary / desirable. We keep counting on your common sense for the use of the office spaces.

      General guidelines/advice: 

    •        For large teams, try not to be in the office with the entire team every day if yo don't have to
    •        Make sure you keep the necessary physical distancing when sitting at the desks (for example always leave 1 workplace        empty between each person)
    •        Do not use the smaller meeting rooms for meetings
    •        Keep the necessary distance when waiting at the coffee machines, in the kitchen and in the
    •        Limit the number of external visitors as much as possible
    •        Mouth masks are not mandatory, but of course allowed if you want to wear one
    •        Bottles with hand sanitizer will be provided for each hub
    •        And most importantly: do not come into the office if you are feeling unwell!

    We have also received some extra guidelines from the landlords of each hub:

    -> Antwerp (The Beacon):
    o Mouth mask mandatory in common areas (entrance hall, lift hall, staircase, also for visitors)
    o Use of the elevators: only for floors +4 and higher, employees of lower floors are asked to use the stairs (if possible) and max 2 people per lift, please stand back to back.
    o 1 flight of stairs reserved to go up, 1 flight of stairs to go down (will be indicated)
    o Hand sanitizer provided in lift and stairwell

    -> Brussels (KBC)
    o We are still waiting for official guidelines from KBC, for the time being no extra measures apart from the general guidelines/advice

    -> Ghent (Dok Noord)
    o No extra measures apart from the general guidelines/advice

    -> Leuven (KBC)
    o We are still waiting for official guidelines from KBC, for the time being no extra measures apart from the general guidelines/advice

    -> Kortrijk (HangarK)
    o No use of meeting rooms, only the high tables and pitching area will be available
    o No visitors

    -> Hasselt (Corda)
    o See communication sent by Corda


  • How about events and workshops?
    • All events and workshops are cancelled or replaced by digital alternatives until further notice. We will inform those involved by email if necessary


  • Will the Start it @KBC team be in the office?
    • No, we are working from home. But you can reach us and if absolutely necessary, we can come in.