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Get ready to speed up !!



First things first!!


You probably have lots of questions about how we can help your business. That's why we are organizing local info sessions online. Come and meet us and other applicants and get loads of info on the programme.

Interested in joining us at our online info sessions? Book your ticket here. 


Please keep in mind that due to circumstances, these info sessions will take place online. You still need to register for the session to receive the link for the online session. If you have already registered for one of the sessions, you will receive the link for the session by email. 


Why apply?


  • Start it @KBC is the only no strings attached accelerator: we DO NOT ask equity, money or EXPECT you to become a customer of our partners.
  • Get bigger and BIGGER:
    • Grow your NETWORK: Start it @KBC represents the #1 Belgian ecosystem of startups, scale-ups mentors and experts.
    • Grow your BUSINESS: Get guidance for funding, get connected to business partners and linked with our mentors and experts.
    • Grow your SKILLS: Get smarter at the Start it @KBC Academy we co-create with our startups
    • Grow your MARKET: Get moving thanks to our international partners, our hubs in New York and Budapest and on all continents through the GAN membership.
  • Personalized coaching: We allocate a member of our team to you to advise you, to match you to our volunteer mentors and partners, and to guide you through which events, workshops and opportunities to promote your business are most relevant to you
  • Boost that bootstrapping: You can use our co-working spaces in Antwerp, Brussels, Budapest, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven & New York + get over $1 mio of perks through GAN.


Who should apply?


We're looking for:

  • enthusiastic founders
  • open minded founders
  • founders in all shades, genders, ages and nationalities
  • businesses of all sectors and all startup to growing phases

Start it @KBC is a founder centric accelerator, tailored to the needs of motivated, business minded founders.

Please apply if you:

  • have developed or are developing innovative products or services
  • have the ambition, potential and drive to scale your business

We're there for all startups in all stages (ideation through to scale) and industries, as long as your business contributes positively to humanity and the world.


Want to know more?

  • Watch our video that explains our program.
  • Watch our webinar on digital pitching to get some tips and tricks on how to pitch.
  • Get inspired by the PRO model for pitching in this blog.
  • Listen to our podcast on how to pitch for the icing on the cake.


Start it @KBC journey & dates?


If you are applying to Start it @KBC, there are a couple of dates you need to put in your calendar:

  • September 21: deadline application round Start it @KBC
  • September 28: free webinar on how to pitch digitally. Watch the recording here.
  • October 14 & 15: digital pitchdays Start it @KBC (if your application gets selected)
  • October 22 & 23: bootcamp Start it @KBC - presence is mandatory
  • 1 day per month mandatory Academy Day: you will get these details once you are accepted to the program.
  • After 3 months there's a mandatory boardroomyou will get these details once you are accepted to the program.
  • After 6 months there's a voluntary boardroomyou will get these details once you are accepted to the program.
  • After 12 months: you become one of our alumni

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